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App Camp for Girls is a one-week summer day program where girls, transgender & gender non-conforming youth can put their creative powers to work designing and building apps. They also learn about the business of software while being inspired by role models in the industry.


Quiz Compendium App Released!

Jean MacDonald

Today we released our very first App Camp app! The Quiz Compendium includes 15 personality quizzes created by camper project teams. You'll learn so many things about yourself, such as what your superpower is, where you should go on vacation, and even what your breakfast choices say about your personality. 

The app is only 99 cents on the App Store. Please tell all your friends. And feelfree to post your results to your social media outlets with the hashtag #ac4gquiz! 

Update! The app is #1 in Top Paid apps in the Entertainment category and up to #1 Top Paid App in the App Store overall. Thanks so much for supporting the app!

Some of the App Camp staff shared their personality quiz results:

Nat: Mythical Creature = Big Foot

Liz: Element = Earth

Jean: Superpower = Invisibility

Michelle: Spirit Animal = Peacock

Kristina: Penguin Type = Nerdy

Briana: Superpower = Food Powers

T-bone: Superpower = Super Jumping

(We also appreciate it if you can rate and review the app!)