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App Camp for Girls is a one-week summer day program where girls, transgender & gender non-conforming youth can put their creative powers to work designing and building apps. They also learn about the business of software while being inspired by role models in the industry.


2015 App Camp Leader Orientation

Jean MacDonald

Over the weekend, App Camp For Girls leaders from all four 2015 locations (Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, New Jersey) gathered for two days of orientation and team-building. What an amazing group of geek women! Nat Osten and Liz Marley led the group through an app-building exercise just like we do at camp. Jean MacDonald and Michelle Petruzzi unveiled the brand new App Camp For Girls Volunteer Handbook, and helped both seasoned and new camp organizers through the many details required to launch and run a session of camp.

And did we mention fun? The out-of-town organizers and lead developers were housed right in the middle of Alberta Street in Portland at the cool and quirky Inn Alberta Arts. Meeting space was generously donated next door at Community Supported Everything, an incubator for community transformation.

And, of course, the usual App Camp karaoke at Voicebox East, where we were joined by the local Portland team on Valentines Day!


l. to r., by row: Liz Marley, Diana Zmuda, Nat Osten; Jean MacDonald, Kristina Sontag, Michelle Petruzzi; Shayla Sawchenko, Briana Sim, Susan (T-bone) Taylor; Momoko Saunders, Laura Savino, Grace Kochanik

Sponsor an App Camp Project Team

Jean MacDonald

Update: Details for sponsoring project teams in Summer 2015 will be posted here.

2014 Seattle sponsors! Thanks to Black PixelUI Stencils andNick Harris for sponsoring our first ever Seattle session August 4 - 8, 2014. 

2014 Portland sponsors! Thanks to Tyree AppsBrad Feld and Samuel Goodwin for sponsoring our July 2014 session. and Katrina Dickson, Q Branch, and Daring Fireball for sponsoring our August 2014 session.

This is a fun sponsorship opportunity! When you sponsor an App Camp For Girls project team, you get:

- photos of your team at work during the week of camp
- mention in the team's app's credits
- mention in the team's presentation at the pitch session on Friday
- mention in the pitch session video (see last year's video)
- special buttons made by your team (last year, we had a team named Swift, so we wore those buttons at WWDC this year!)
- listing and link on our 2014 Supporters page 

Workshop for Girls at Apple Store San Francisco!

Jean MacDonald

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a two-hour workshop at Apple Store, San Francisco!

"Explore Your Own iPhone App Ideas With App Camp for Girls" will feature an overview of what we do during a weeklong App Camp session, an introduction to Xcode by our lead developer Nat Osten, design tips for app icons, and an app idea brainstorming session. (Check out the video below from our Macworld workshop!)

This workshop is open to all and we especially encourage girls ages 12 and up to attend. At the end of the session we’ll choose a few attendees to pitch their app ideas and get valuable feedback from our panel of women investors, just like we do at the end of App Camp.

When: Saturday, May 31 - 10:00 am to noon
Where: Apple Store, San Francisco, One Stockton Street


App Camp mini-session in Ireland

Jean MacDonald

Úll is a two-day conference in Ireland. In its third year, it has garnered quite a reputation for amazing speakers and an unconventional format. This year they invited me to come talk about App Camp For Girls. Instead of a conventional talk in an auditorium, they asked me to do something interactive for the attendees. I thought I would demonstrate to the attending developers how they could teach their own kids to make apps.

What I didn't know is that there would be actual kids in attendance. So it turned into a mini one-day App Camp Kilkenny. Several girls (and a few women) took the App Camp Quiz template, designed by App Camp lead developer Nat Osten, and made quiz apps of their own. Several of the guys pitched in to help accommodate the big ideas these girls had, and programmed new stuff on the fly. It was crazy. And amazing. And so inspiring. (And very tiring!)

I'm headed back to Portland tomorrow. I'm still processing everything I learned and experienced at Úll. (I made new friends! I finally met Amy Jane Gruber!! I drank my first Guinness!!!) If you ever get a chance to attend, do it. 

A few photos... I'm gathering more for an album to post soon. (There's a great write-up and mention in The Irish Times.)

There's all kinds of awesome going on in this photo!


Ana from Slovenia; below, one of her results screen. I am a flower. :-)



Siena from Toronto. We had so much fun.


A caricature of me, by the amazing illustrator for the conference, Carolina Buzio.