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App Camp for Girls is a one-week summer day program where girls, transgender & gender non-conforming youth can put their creative powers to work designing and building apps. They also learn about the business of software while being inspired by role models in the industry.

Supporters 2014

Major sponsor: Smile, Mac and iOS developers of PDFpen and TextExpander.

Thanks to  Modest  for sponsoring the  WWDCGirls  fundraiser for App Camp For Girls at  New Relic  during WWDC 2014! And thanks to everyone who came out and helped us raise almost $10,000!

Thanks to Modest for sponsoring the WWDCGirls fundraiser for App Camp For Girls at New Relic during WWDC 2014! And thanks to everyone who came out and helped us raise almost $10,000!

August 2014 Portland Project Team sponsors:

Katrina Dickson, Q BranchDaring Fireball

August 2014 Seattle Project Team sponsors:


Nick Harris, Clifton GarageBlack PixelUI Stencils

July 2014 Project Team sponsors:

Brad Feld, Foundry Group, Walter Tyree, Tyree Apps, Samuel Goodwin, Round Wall Software

Thanks to these companies that have donated products and services:

Julie Mills of design pony designed the App Camp For Girls logo 
and all our wonderful t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and other cool stuff. 

Big thanks to Curtis Settino of for our awesome videos.

Bronze Sponsors:


Mobile Geographics


We thank these early supporters, all awesome companies, who helped us out with donations of time, products, and equipment!